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An advance deposit is required to confirm reservations and must be received within 5-7 days from date reservation is made. Reservation confirmations will be mailed, or if you prefer, emailed. Approximately 1/2 of total reservation is required in advance. Personal checks are accepted for advance deposits made 10 days prior to arrival. Credit cards deposits are accepted only on reservations made less than 5 days prior to arrival. Off season policy varies. Be sure to ask the reservation agent.

Cancellation Policy
Once reservations have been confirmed and it is necessary to cancel, for any reason, no refunds will be given unless prior notice is given 14 days for rooms, 60 days for efficiencies, suites and apartments. Cottage cancellations must be received prior to May 1, 2007. Off season policy varies. Be sure to ask the reservation agent. All refunds are subject to a reservation/cancellation fee of $50.00 for rooms, $75.00 for efficiencies, suites, apartments and cottages. In SOME cases, cancellations after prescribed times may allow us to make refunds only if the unit is re-rented for the same and entire period. Deposit monies apply to the last day(s) of reservation.